Membrane Switch Manufacturer

Membrane Switch Manufacturer
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Custom membrane keypad and Board
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Membrane SwitchMembrane Switch
Membrane SwitchGraphic Overlay
Membrane Switch Manufacturer
Graphic Overlay
Membrane Keypad Manufacturer
Membrane Keypad
China Based Membrane Switch
Graphic Overlay Manufacturer
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China based Membrane Keypad
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Graphic Overlay Manufacturer

ElecFlex is a leading China-based professional membrane switch, graphic overlay and related products manufacturer located in Nanjing (Southeast China, close to Shanghai). Excellent experience in manufacturing membrane switch for global clients for over 15 years is our strongpoint, that makes difference with our competitors.

ElecFlex has an extensive understanding about US and Europe quality standard in membrane switch and related products. Well-trained team members enable us to meet all your needs on products.What's more, all your orders will be processed in our ISO9001 recognized plant. We are expecting the opportunity to hear your needs!


Membrane Keypad
Special offer 
Keypad Manufacturer

Only $69-$99
to make a few samples for your evluation. This is a special offer for your existing mass-production projects (not NEW project)

Membrane Keypad Manufacturer
Why ElecFlex
Attractive Price
--China-based plant and excellent management enable ElecFlex to be leading in costs
Excellent Communication

--ElecFlex's senior account managers provide one-stop technical and business service in English for you

Stirct Quality Control
--That is why so many customers choose ElecFlex!
Rapid Order Delivery

--Maybe we are faster than your local supplier

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