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to make a few samples for your evluation. This is a special offer for your existing mass-production projects (not NEW project)

The sheet below contains some basic materials used in our membrane switch. ElecFlex's representative will let you know which materials are crucial to the product and which are not. So, you could achieve the nearly same quality at a considerable lower cost. This turns out to be an effective approach to save money for you!

Please note that types and specifications of materials are subject to change without notice. So, please contact our representative prior to placing your order.

 Item  Specs / Model  Brand  RoHS  Remark
 Polycarbonate  0.175/0.25mm   GE Lexan 8010  Yes  Gloss finish
   GE Lexan 8B35  Yes  Velveet finish
 0.18-0.25mm  OMAY  Yes  
-for overlay
 0.15/0.188/0.20mm  Autotex F series  Yes  Fine finish
 0.20mm  Autotex V series  Yes  Velvet finish
 0.18-0.25mm  Autotex EBG  Yes  Gloss finish
 0.18-0.25mm  Autotex EBA  Yes  Matte finish
 Ink    Meilihua  Yes  
Conductive Paste    Acheson  Yes  Silver paste
   Acheson  Yes  Conductive carbon
   Baoyin  Yes  Silver paste
UV Dielectric Ink    Acheson  Yes  
 Dome  4-leg,8.0/10.0/12.2mm  Nicomatic  Yes  Stainless steel
 4-leg,8.0/10.0/12.2mm  Viga  Yes  Stainless steel
 Spacer  0.07/0.1/0.15/0.2/0.25mm  Heiyu  Yes  Polyester based
 Adhesive  467/468  3M  Yes  
   Yongda  Yes  
 Pins  14106-#  Nicomatic  Yes  
 HX25406-PT  Hongxin  Yes  Nicomatic Compatible
 Housings  OF-#  Nicomatic  Yes  
   HX25406-Y  Hongxin  Yes  Nicomatic Compatible