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Capacitive Touch Keypad
What's Capacitive-Touch Keypad?
What we can do for you in Cap-Touch?
Special offer

Only $69-$99
to make a few samples for your evluation. This is a special offer for your existing mass-production projects (not NEW project)

Elecflex can provide different solution in capicitive touch sensor keypad project.

a. Touch surface: As an professional panel manufacture, Elecflex has sufficient experience in top touch surface. We make panel with different materials such as polycarbonate, PMMA, polyester, metal, glass...

b. Touch pad: As a essential part of Cap-touch sensor keypad, touch pad is a conductive block, it's made by PCB, flex-PCB, silver ink printed sheet, or transparent electric ink printed sheet.Elecflex has good experience in design and manufacture these 3 solutions.

b-1. Objectively speaking, PCB touch pad has best reliability and acceptable price, but it's regid and not suitable for curved surface.

b-2. Flex-PCB touch pad has best reliability and suitable for different surface, but the cost is the highest.

b-3. Silver ink printed sheet is an economic solution, the cost is the lowest, it can not carry LEDs for backlight, and it's easy to be effected by humidity, the precision is also not very high.

b-4. Transparent electric ink printed sheet is specially for those touch panel need backlight and with top emittion lightness source.

c. Design manufacture capacitive touch sensor keypad circuit: Elecflex can help customer to design and manufacture a keypad with cap-touch. normally we need customer to provide us detailed requirements and tell us the work conditions.

In a word, Elecflex can provide you a completely capacitive touch sensor keyad solution(1+2+3), or help you part(s) of them.