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What's Capacitive-Touch Keypad?
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A capacitive touch keypad is a keypad uses the conductive touch of a human finger for input.

Unlike typical mechanical membrane switch, a cap-touch keypad made by sensor pad, capacitive touch sensor chip,PCB circuit and related components.

It can use various material as touch surface, such as glass, PMMA, PC, metal, PET &etc.It also can be very thick&rigid(upto 10mm) or very thin&flexible(within 1.2mm).

Therefore,compare to standard membrane switch, a cap-touch keypad can have many special features.

a. Looking: We can use different materials and print technique to make the touch surface much beautiful than normal control panel.

b. Security: It can use very strong material(s) as surface, and use PCB as circuit. so it can be very solid and sealing.

c. Life circle: There is no component easy to exhausted,and it act only by finger touch, so it can have very very long life circle.

d. Backlight: It is easy to realize backlighting than normal membrane switch.

e. Signal: The capacitive touch sensor chip can output various type of signal such as IO, BCD, ADC, IIC...