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Following sketch shows the key information we need for manufacture.





Graphic Overlay
For Graphic Overlay artwork, a file in .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .cdr (CorelDraw) or .DXF(with colors definition) is welcome. ElecFlex can exactly screenprint what you need very soon.

However, if no ai/cdr/dxf file can be provided for some reason, it is no problem at all. Just sending us a jpg, a scan version of the graphic, or even a clear photo with full dimension info would be ok for ElecFlex to complete the artwork for you and screenprint the overlay for you.

1. Color gradient effect will increase the cost of printing.
2. Adding number of color will increase the cost of printing.
3. Pantone and RAL color matching system are best for screenprinting.



For circuitry design, a draft of circuit schematic in any format, even a sketch drawing by hand, is acceptable for ElecFlex. Our design will fulfil a workable circuit layout design based on your schematic and send to your for approval very soon. Only approved circuit layout would be printed in your membrane keypad.

1. In circuit design, you have to determine where the tail exits. The place where the tail exits has to be out of button area.
2. Type of connector (2.54mm or 1mm pitch etc) has to be considered during circuit design, which is an important factor of tail design.



By raising the button area, embossing provides the user with good depress feeling. Pillow emboss (raising the whole button area)and rim emboss (only raising the rim of the button area) are the most popular embossing method.




For outdoor use or moist condition, a waterproof gasket can be placed around the circuit layer to effectively keep dust and moisture out of the membrane switch. By using this waterproof gasket, the circuit can be isolated from the outside environment. So, lifecycle of membrane switch can be considerably prolonged.

1. Waterproof gasket has no extra thickness compared to the membrane switch and there is no any extra technical requirments to add it on the membrane switch.  So, just let us know if you want it.





For membrane switch, the most popular method of shielding is to print silver grid or carbon grid above the circuit layout. It is proved to be a effective and economized way to achieve shielding goal.

1. Grounding is a must for shielding. So, you have to leave a pin blank on the connector which is connecting ground.
2. Normally, 2.54mm pictch tail/connecot is more suitable for shielding due to grounding connection.



LED & resistance: Single color, bi-color and tri-color SMT LEDs, SMT resistance can be mounted on the circuit layer by silver soldering workmanship.

Connector: 2.54mm pitch female housing & 1mm pitch ZIF connector are the most popular interface connecting to PCB. There also are 1.25mm pitch ZIF, 2.54mm pitch ZIF connector used but not very popular.

Dome: Classified by size, there are 8.4mm,10mm,12.2mm,14mm(seldom used),16mm(seldom used),20mm(seldom used).

Classified by suface finishing, there are stainless steel(acceptable resistance), Nickel plated(good resistance), gold plated dome(best resistance).

Classified by contact style, there are dome with dimple and with our dimple.

Classified by shape, there are 4-feet square dome(most popular), 4-feet rectangle dome(seldom used), 3-feet dome(seldom used).

Backplate: In many applications, a backplate is needed. We provide polycarbonate/acrylic/steel/aluminium to meet your backplate requirements.

For more optional features, please ture to