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Membrane switch is defined by ASTM (American Standards Test Methods) subcommittee on Membrane Switches as: "A momentary switch device in which at least one contact is on, or made of, flexible substrate" It is now a very important user interface in all types of modem electronic application. It works in a low voltage loop and supplies momentary signals.

Following drawings are the typical solutions of membrane switch ElecFlex provides


Most popular solution
Nickel-plated/gold-plated stainless steel dome
Perfect tactilefeedback      
Long lifecycle


Cost-effective solution    
Embossing overlay to provide good tactile feedback at a lower cost
Long lifecycle
Eliminating interference that could be brought by metal domes in some special applications


Economized solution
By reducing a circuit layer and an adhesive layer from the above "polydome" solution to lower production cost without reducing quality


Touch-to-act solution  
Considerably reducing production cost
Super long lifecycle
Suitable for applications that need frequent and easy operating


Low-cost solution
By reducing a circuit layer and an adhesive layer from the above "non-tactile" solution to provide very low prouction cost without reducing quality