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to make a few samples for your evluation. This is a special offer for your existing mass-production projects (not NEW project)

Our biggest concern about the transportation is saving cost for you under the precondition of safety. How ElecFlex helps you on this?

1. ElecFlex will choose the most cost-effective company (one of DHL /TNT / FEDEX / UPS) to do the shipment for you based on your location.  For instance, in most cases, TNT is a better choice for the customers from USA because usually its price is lower than UPS or FEDEX for the transportation between China and USA.

2. Many costomers prefer to pay the shipping cost when receiving the goods. Actually in most cases, this  is not a cost-effective way compared with paying the freight in China. For instance, suppose UPS charges you $200 for some shipment in USA, if ElecFlex is allowed to pay it in China, the price could be about  $160 owing to the price difference between the different countries.

3. For massive goods, we would provide sea shipping service if lead time is not crucial for you.  UPS SCS ocean transportion is a good choice. For details of sea shipping, please contact our representative

To estimate the shipping cost of  your goods, please contact us at