Membrane Switch Manufacturer

Why Choose ElecFlex

Reliable Quality
It has been over 15 years since ElecFlex began to provide membrane switch manufacturing service for global customers. High customer’s satisfaction and the big quantity of repeat orders are the best evidence of our reliable quality. Our ISO9001 qualified management system guarantees all your products are produced in a well-controlled process.

Attractive Price
ElecFlex is always focusing on saving total cost for customers.
Our material suppliers who work closely with us for many years offer us high-quality material at a great price. Our delicate production and quality management, as well as human resources management, enable us to achieve a super satisfactory production cost.
Besides, ElecFlex is also making efforts on saving logistic/transportation cost for global customers.

Rapid Order Delivery
ElecFlex is always paying special attention to lead time of your order because we know this would help customers have a lead over their competitors. Inside ElecFlex, an order tracking system is working to ensure delivering your order at promised time. Plus, if you have special needs in lead time, we can provide special service as well.

Most Efficient Response
Excellent IT application in ElecFlex makes your requests be processed inside very fast. And, the outcome will be submitted to you by the representative swiftly. Sometimes, it is even faster than your local supplier. Of course, all these communications with you are handled in skillful English

One-stop Service
In the whole process you are working with ElecFlex, you just need to communicate with ONE representative. You don’t need to talk with technical person, customer service or financial person respectively, because the representative you are communicating with has handled all things for you in the background and is forwarding you what you need on time.