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Only $69-$99
to make a few samples for your evluation. This is a special offer for your existing mass-production projects (not NEW project)

How ElecFlex helps you

ElecFlex's mission is to help you get satisfactory products at your expected price and lead time, or even better than what you expected. We can definitely help you at the following points.

1. We are able to lower your production cost without reducing quality by our inherent cost  advantages

2. Our professional technical team is able to optimize your product's performance in reasonable cost.

3. We are able to help you find cost-effective substitute material with satisfactory performance to lower your production cost when you are looking for better cost.

4. Our professional lifecycle testing euqipment can find out if our product reaches your quality standard.

5. We can help you realize your design idea step by step, even if you are totally new for membrane switch design.

6. In global purchasing, logistics cost is a considerable part in total cost. ElecFlex's cost-effective soultion can also help you lower it considerably.